Friday Favorites: Kansai Bookcase

24 Jun

One word: OBSESSED. I just stumbled across this on Anthro’s website and absolutely need it in my life. I don’t need the $1300 price tag, but that’s a discussion for another day…


Friday Favorites: Molton Brown

27 May

I first encountered Molton Brown products on my honeymoon at Hotel Esencia¬†in the Mayan Riviera. Our room came equipped with their heavenly products and I have been hooked ever since. Molton Brown is pricey, but once you get started it’s hard to stop. We have been using their handsoap in our bathroom for awhile now and a few weeks ago I discovered the shower gel samples they gave me on my last purchase. As soon as I opened up the sample of Blissful Templetree, I was instantly transported to the teak shower in our hotel room in Mexico. It was the exact same bodywash that the hotel provided! It was such a surprising and pleasant reminder of one of the best weeks of my life that I raced to South Coast Plaza (yes, I drive nearly an hour to get my fill of MB as that is where their only West Coast brick and mortar is) and bought a full size bottle of my now favorite body wash.

Billsful Templetree

Friday Favorites: Moroccan Oil

8 Apr

I heard whispers of this mysterious oil well over a year ago, when Rachel Zoe reported on it in The Zoe Report. I thought spending $50 on a hair product was ridiculous, and let’s face it – it is. However, I did not actually use the oil until this past January during my yearly haircut. I never get my haircut. I’m cheap and I don’t have a go-to stylist, so I put it off for months and months until I have nothing but a head of dead and dry hair. I told my January stylist the same thing and she said if I properly condition my hair between cuts, I can go without haircuts for longer and in a healthy way. Enter Moroccan Oil. At $50 a pop, this product is not cheap, but it will last ages. It comes with a pump that plops a carefully measured dollop of oil into your hands. I lather my hands with the oil and then comb through wet hair (if you apply too unevenly, hair WILL look greasy). After using the oil for the past two weeks, I am really impressed. Aside from smelling delicious, it truly adds shine and much needed moisture to my locks. As someone who is just plain lazy when it comes to hair and beauty, this is a regime that I can handle.

Friday Favorites: Almond Butter

18 Mar

This past Monday, I began a “cleanse” of sorts. I got the guidelines from Bon Appetit magazine’s Food Lover’s Cleanse. Their mission was to provide recipes for two weeks worth of cleansing meals. Seeing as how I can barely microwave something without ruining it, I never intended to use their recipes. Instead, I have been following the guidelines that inspired the menu. The basic gist is: no sugar, no bad carbs (only whole grains), no dairy, limited meat and alcohol and lots of fruits and veggies. I have been doing really well on the cleanse and part of is thanks to the magic of Almond Butter. I don’t know if this is technically cleanse approved, as the guidelines I’m following are fairly vague, but for the past two days I have spread a dollop of crunch almond butter on a piece of toasted sprouted whole grain bread. It tastes pretty good (I won’t go as far to say it’s delicious) and best yet, it satisfies my hunger for SUCH a long time!

Friday Favorites: Jonathan Adler carafe

4 Mar

I love Jonathan Adler and I love water. So when he came out with this adorable carafe I was thrilled. It is the perfect combination of chic and practical. One of the best parts about it is that the top cups are sold separately and come in an array of different colors, so you can buy a few and mix up the look. Eric bought me this for my birthday with the smoke grey cup and it looks gorgeous on our bedside table.

Friday Favorites: Dean and Deluca Spice Rack

26 Feb

Eric and I have been looking for a decent spice rack for years. Why? That’s a good question, considering we don’t cook and do not have the counter space. In fact, as I write this I am beginning to wonder why we have been so longingly searching for a spice rack at all. Well, regardless of why, I have officially found my favorite one. I discovered this Dean and Deluca beauty when I started working at Michael Smith Inc., where we are blessed by a very nice kitchen, complete with…this spice rack! The larger one retails for $165 and the smaller for $95, so it is kind of a hefty price tag for one who will most likely never touch the spices inside. Although, if you consider it a work of art instead…that’s a bargain!

Friday Favorites: John Robshaw beanbag

11 Feb

Living in a loft where space and thus seating is limited, I am constantly drawn to the recent trend of using beanbags and “poufs” for supplemental seating options. Eric is still opposed to this option, but I hope to break him down and have a loft swarming in an eclectic variety of poufs and beanbags and floor pillows so that I can comfortably plop down any time and anywhere I want. Here is one ¬†I love from John Robshaw. At only $105, I think it’s a pretty affordable option.